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Product Name:AutoNaut
Product Description:
Length [m]:5
Width [m]:0.8
Height [m]:2.5
Min. weight of USV in air [kg]:230
Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]:250
Draft [m]:0.8
Number of thrusters:0
Thruster specifications:Wave propelled. Auxiliary electric thruster optional. PV panels provide hotel power for platform control system, payload sensors, communications, and auxiliary thruster if required.
Chassis:2 part hull for pallet transport
Min. turning radius [m]:10
Operational Area:ocean and litoral
Launch and recovery system:slipway, also ship
Max. speed [kn]:4
Min. crew size :Zero. USV is controlled by remote operator anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
Min. required number of surface computers:1
Max. Remote Operating Range {m}:6500
Available size of storage room:610
Max. WMO seastate:9
Other requirements:AutoNaut is designed to self-right in the event of capsize due to large breaking seas.
Navigation and Payload 
Navigation sensors - standard:GPS
Navigation sensors - optional:GPS tracker. AIS
Payload sensors - standard:Weather station, insolation
Payload sensors - optional:wide range on mast, deck, in & through hull, towed
Energy and Propulsion 
Energy Source:wave propelled
Propulsion Power:Auxiliary thruster 3kn
Endurance at nominal power [hr]:2200
Communication and Control 
Type of Communication:Iridium Rudics, Inmarsat, UHF line of sight
Max. Baud rate [Mb/s]:
Data sent to shore:real time & logged on board
Auto- control:Yes
Control parameters sent to the USV:waypoints, and all systems switched
Emergency recovery procedure:yes
More information 
Applications:survey surveillance PAM - anti-submarine warfare ocean science Metocean
Distinguishable features :Elegant simple wave propulsion design, four moving parts below the keel. Storm-proven robustness. Easy deployment. Silent, zero emissions.
Commercial Options:2m - 7m hull variants available. Sale and charter Range of sensors Operating services data collection data analysis

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Supplier Information
  • AutoNaut Ltd

  • Chichester Marina
  • PO20 7EJ Chichester
  • West Sussex
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland



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