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Product Description:HYPACK® SURVEY provides all of the tools necessary for planning and acquiring data for your hydrographic, side scan and magnetometer operations. With over 400 device drivers for these sensors, virtually all sensors on the market today can be connected and used for your survey. Also included are generic device drivers, where users can create their own driver for data collection. The software produces RAW and HSX files that can be used for data processing in HYPACK MAX, HYPACK OFFICE or HYPACK ACOUSTIC
Year of initial development:1984
Year of latest version:2017
Operating System:Windows 7,8,10
Area of Application:Hydrographic Surveys, Barge Positioning, Construction, archeology, Navigation, Offshore Surveys
Hardware requirements 
HD (GB):200
Processor (CPU):32bit, 64bit
Languages supported:English, Spanish, French, Russian, and 15 more
Geodetic Functionality 
Supported coordinate systems:More than 20, WGS, Airy, Clarke, GRS, user defined
Supported datum transformations:more than 20; CONUS, OSTN97, 15
Geographical coordinates (Lat, Long):Y
Ground coordinates (E,N):Y
Seven parameter shift supported:Y
Time-dependent Transformation Parameters (14param):Y
Supported vertical reference frames  :Yes
Separation model for vertical datum shift support:Y
Local datum support:Y
Ellipsoidal reference support (GRS80):Y
Supported map projections:TM, UTM, LCC, LCC2, Oblique, Polar
Data / System Support 
Recorded data storage formats:RAW, HSX (HYPACK file formats)
Supported hydrographic Systems:HYPACK Survey supports a wide range of hydrographic equipment, from manufactures including Atlas, Benthos, C-Max, Edgetech, Klein, Marine soni, Reson, Marine Magnetics, Sontek, NMEA supported output strings
Supported AUVs:OceanServer, Hydriod, ECA, Teledyne
Supported ROVs:ISE
Supported ROTVs:
Supported underwater positioning systems:ORE TrackPoint, Sonardyne, IXsea
Supported multibeam systems:not support in HYPACK Survey module
Supported surface positioning systems:
Supported singlebeam systems:Odom, Reson, Simrad, Kongsberg, any NMEA DBT, DBS output string syatem
Supported sidescan sonar systems:Benthos, Klein, Edgetech, Marine Sonic, Tritech, Imagenex
Supported magnetometer systems:Marine Marnetics, Geomatics, Ixsea, JW Fisher, Quantro
Supported gyrocompass systems:KVH, Novatel, SBG, Applanix, NMEA output device
Supported motion sensor systems:Applanix SBG, TSS, Novetel Span
Supported imaging systems:Imagenex, Tritech
Supported sub-bottom Profiler systems:All Analog sonars, Edgetech, Innomar, Knudsen, SDI, SyQuest
Supported total station systems:Leica, Trimble, Topcon
Supported ADCP systems:Sontek, RDI, Nortek
Supported (underwater) laser scanner systems:Not supported in HYPACK Survey
Supported INS:Applanex, SBG, Novetel SPAN
Metadata management:N
Time synchronization methods:PPS, ZDA, GGA, HYPACK veritime
Online capabilities 
Helmsman display:Y
Max. number cloned displays:5
Supported background formats:NOAA and ENC catalog, Bing Maps, USGS imagery maps, Raster format, C-Map, DIG, DGN, DXF, DWG, S57,S63,GeoTiff
Available real-time cleaning techniques:None
Type of navigation screens:Main screen, Helmsman displays, user configuration of all views
Survey data types real-time navigation display:Trackline, sounding, ancillary data, real time mosaic
Max number of online displayed ROVs:8
Max number of online displayed surface vessels:8
Computed orientation solution:Y
3D real time display:Y
Supported 3D display data :Y
Real time tidal correction methods:YES
RTK GPS height correction:Y
Real time video integration:N
Real-time Pipe detection:N
Real time IHO / IMCA TPU support:Y
SSS waterfall display :Y
SSS target annotations:Y
Backscatter display:Y
Online filtering options:MIN, MAX depth, HDOP, SVs
Status Views equipment:
Multibeam bathymetry coverage :not available in HYPACK Survey module
Multibeam water column display :N
GIS integration:
Remote control:N
Real-time DTM vizualization:Y
Online eventing:Y
Real-time DTM comparison:N

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Supplier Information

  • 56 Bradley Street
  • CT 06457 Middletown
  • United States of America



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