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MOTUS Wave Buoys

Product Name:MOTUS Wave Buoys
Product Description:The Aanderaa MOTUS Wave Sensor is a directional wave sensor module for use on surface buoys. The MOTUS Wave Sensor is an integrated part of Tideland SB 138P MOTUS Buoy and YSI EMM 2.0 MOTUS Buoy. It is intended for commercial as well as research use. The sensor processes wave data and is configurable to present Spectrum derived parameters, Time Series derived parameters, Directional Wave Spectrum and Heave Time Series.
Type:Drifting buoy, Moored buoy
Year of last update:2017
Year of introduction :2017
Length [m]:0.130
Width [m]:0.130
Height [m]:0.110
Weight [kg]:1.23
Draft [m]:
Antenna/mast height [m]:
Hull material:
Structure Material:MOTUS Wave Sensor - POM, Stainless steel 316, Brass
Power Supply  
Battery type:MOTUS Wave Sensor - Supply voltage: 6-30 Vdc Current drain: 110mW @ 12V
Solar panels:
Solar panels description:
Operation Characteristics 
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:+70
Deployment methods:
Min deployment depth [m]:
Max deployment depth [m]:30
Min weight of mooring:
Max weight of mooring :
Max wave conditions [m]:30
Anti-fouling systems:
Max operating time:
Water variables sensors 
Water depth:
Max. depth rating of sensors :MOTUS Wave Sensor - 30m
Water temperature:
Water salinity:
Water turbidity:
Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM):
Dissolved oxygen:
Underwater radiance:
Sound Velocity:
Other sensors or additional information:
Wave and tide variables sensors 
Wave frequency:
Wave height:
Wave period:
Wave direction:
Current speed:
Current direction:
Other sensors or additional information:
Atmospheric and solar variables 
Air temperature:
Air humidity:
Barometric pressure:
Wind speed:
Wind direction:
Solar radiation:
Other sensors or additional information:
Positioning and navigation 
GPS sensor:
Radar reflector:
GPS description:
Navigation lights:
Navigation lights description:
Other sensors or additional information:The MOTUS sensor is designed to be a part of the Aanderaa hydrography/meteorology buoy (ODAS) solution with easy expansion to a large number of additional sensors e.g. single point currents, current profiler, various water quality and meteorological sensors.
Communication and data 
Data logger description:RS-232 output for integration to most third party Data loggers.
Web based control and tracking:optional
Acoustic communication:
Iridium/Satellite communication:
Cellular comunication:
UHF/VHF communication:
Other sensors or additional information:
Type of mission planning software:
Type of postprocessing software:
Application and use 
Training facilities:
Main applications :
Distinguishable features :

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