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GPS Amplified 1x4 Splitter

Product Name:GPS Amplified 1x4 Splitter
Product Description:
Type:Land, Marine
Year of introduction:
Height [m]:0.033
Depth [m]:0.064
Width [m]:0.064
Total weight [kg]:.345
Housing and finish material:Electroless Nickel Plated (MIL-C-26074C CLASS 1)
Design keywords:
Mounting:3.25" Base Plate
Multipath rejection techniques and methods:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:75
Max operational altitude [m]:
Humidity resistance:
Water sand and dust proof:
Shock and vibration proof:
ROHS compliance:
WEEE compliance:
Min. operating power [V]:
Max. operating power [V]:
Typical consumption [W]:
Connection/cable for power:
Tracked signals 
Tracked satellite signals:
Type of GPS measurements:L1, L2, L5
Type of GLONASS measurements:L1, L2, L3
Type of Galileo measurements:
Type of Beidou measurements:
Type of SBAS measurements:
Signal gain [dB]:
Noise figure [max dB]:1
Amplifier description:
Max cable length [m]:
TNC female:Y
SMA male:N
Other Connectors:SMA-female, BNC-female
More information 
Distinguishable features :The LDCBS1X4 Passive GPS Splitter is a one input, four output device based on the Wilkinson splitter design. The frequency response covers the GPS L1 & L2 bands with excellent gain flatness. In the normal configuration, one of the splitter RF outputs (J1) passes DC from the connected GPS receiver through the splitter to the antenna. The other RF outputs (J2, J3, and J4) are DC loaded with a 200Ω resistor to simulate antenna current draw for receivers on those ports.

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