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Product Name:AHRS440CA-400
Product Description:The MEMSIC AHRS440 is a compact standalone attitude and heading reference system that provides roll, pitch and yaw measurement data in both static and dynamic environments. The AHRS440 can accept external GPS aiding inputs for optimized performance, and is available in standard and high range sensor configurations.
Area of Application:Unmanned Vehicle Control, Land Vehicle Guidance, Avionics Systems, Platform Stabilization
Languages Supported:
Physical Properties  
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:71
Width [m]:0.0953
Length [m]:0.0762
Height [m]:0.0762
Weight [kg]:0.580
Housing material:IP 66 Rugged Sealed Enclosure
Heading specifications 
Type of sensor:Complete 9DOF Inertial System
Range:± 180
Accuracy:< 1.0
Resolution:< 0.1
Type of sensor:Complete 9DOF Inertial System
Range:Roll: ± 180, Pitch: ± 90
Accuracy:< 0.2
Resolution:< 0.02
Angular Rate 
Range: Roll, Pitch, Yaw (°/sec):± 400
Bias Instability (°/hr):< 10
Bias Stability Over Temp (°/sec):< 0.02
Resolution (°/sec):< 0.02
Scale Factor Accuracy (%) :
Non-Linearity (%FS) :
Angle Random Walk:< 4.5
Bandwidth (Hz):25
Range (g):± 10
Bias Instability (mg):< 1
Resolution (mg):< 0.5
Scale Factor Accuracy (%) :
Non-Linearity (%FS):
Velocity Random Walk :< 1.0
Bandwidth (Hz):25
Magnetic Field 
Range (Gauss):± 1
Resolution (mGauss):
Noise Density (mGauss /√Hz):
Bandwidth (Hz):
Electronics and communication 
Input voltage:9V to 42V
Power Consumption (max):3 W
Data Interface:RS-232
Data Rate:
Clock sync:
Hardware/software requirements 
HD [GB]:
Processor (CPU):
Operating System:
Dedicated Software:

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Supplier Information

  • One Tech Drive - suite 325
  • Ma 01810 Andover
  • Massachusetts
  • United States of America



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