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Product Name:AHRS510CA-400
Product Description:MEMSIC’s AHRS510CA is a field proven highreliability MEMS Attitude & Heading Reference System that supports all of the standard ARINC 429 message labels The AHRS510CA is designed for use in OEM and retrofit avionics systems upgrades, and for airborne antenna pointing systems.
Area of Application:EFIS and Flight Management Systems, Airborne Antenna Control
Languages Supported:
Physical Properties  
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:70
Width [m]:0.1151
Length [m]:0.1235
Height [m]:0.1184
Weight [kg]:1.36
Housing material:Sealed Housing
Heading specifications 
Type of sensor:Complete 9DOF Inertial System
Range:± 180
Accuracy:< 2.0
Resolution:< 0.05
Type of sensor:Complete 9DOF Inertial System
Range:Roll: ± 180, Pitch: ± 90
Accuracy:< 1.0
Resolution:< 0.05
Angular Rate 
Range: Roll, Pitch, Yaw (°/sec):± 200
Bias Instability (°/hr):
Bias Stability Over Temp (°/sec):< ± 0.1
Resolution (°/sec):< 0.02
Scale Factor Accuracy (%) :
Non-Linearity (%FS) :
Angle Random Walk:
Bandwidth (Hz):25
Range (g):± 10
Bias Instability (mg):< ± 15
Resolution (mg):< 1.0
Scale Factor Accuracy (%) :
Non-Linearity (%FS):
Velocity Random Walk :
Bandwidth (Hz):25
Magnetic Field 
Range (Gauss):
Resolution (mGauss):
Noise Density (mGauss /√Hz):
Bandwidth (Hz):
Electronics and communication 
Input voltage:18V to 32V
Power Consumption (max):10 W
Data Interface:2x ARINC 429 output (high speed) 1x ARINC 429 input (low speed) 1x RS-422 input (remote mag)
Data Rate:
Clock sync:
Hardware/software requirements 
HD [GB]:
Processor (CPU):
Operating System:
Dedicated Software:

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Supplier Information

  • One Tech Drive - suite 325
  • Ma 01810 Andover
  • Massachusetts
  • United States of America



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