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Product Name:Horizon
Product Description:
Height [m]:0.080
Weight in water [kg]:
Material :Black anodized aluminium
Min. Voltage (AC):
Max. Voltage (AC):
Min. Voltage (DC):10
Max. Voltage (DC):36
Power consumption [W]:3
Min. operating temperature [°C] :0
Max. operating temperature [°C] :60
Splashproof casting:Y
Water resistant casting :Y
Water resistance [m]:3000
Vibration and operating shock tolerance :
Electromagnetic compatibility :
Mounting orientation :Vertical
Roll and Pitch Output 
Roll and pitch measurement:Y
Angle accuracy static in ° [RMS]:0.1
Angle accuracy dynamic in ° [RMS]:0.1
Resolution angle [°]:0.001
Angular roll/pitch range [°]:360
Angular rate range [°/s]:300
Max. rotation speed [deg/s]:300
Heave Output 
Resolution heave [m] :0.0001
Samples p/second:2000
Max. output heave range [m]:20
Output period real time [s]:20
Heave accuracy real time [%]:5
Output period delayed [s]:50
Heave accuracy delayed [%]:2
Acceleration Output 
Acceleration measurement:
Acceleration range m/s2 :
Acceleration noise m/s2 RMS:
Acceleration accuracy m/s2 RMS :
Interfaces and Data 
Ethernet port:Y
RS232 output:Y
RS422 output:Y
Other output ports:
Data output rate:100 Hz
Data output protocols/formats :TSS1 Configurable
Velocity input data and formats :Configurable
Heading input data and formats :Configurable

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