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SS549 200kHz Stainless Steel Transducer

Product Name:SS549 200kHz Stainless Steel Transducer
Product Description:The SS549 is designed for shallow water and coastal survey applications where high frequency and narrow Beamwidth are required. The narrow 3° beam and low side lobes result in high precision survey. The stainless steel housing with threaded stem makes this model easy to mount.
Year of introduction :
Application :Hydro Survey, Shallow, Very shallow
Weight in air [kg}:
Width {m}:
Length [m]:
Height [m]:
Min. external DC power [V]:
Max. external DC power [V]:
Min. external AC power [V]:
Max. external AC power [V]:
Housing materials:
Mode of operation 
Beam:Single beam
Min. frequency [kHz]:200
Max. frequency [kHz]:200
Configuration:Pole mount
Min. beam width [deg]:3
Max. beam width [deg]:
Min. depth {m}:
Max. depth {m}:
Min. power output [W]:
Max. power output [W]:
Standard power output [W]:
More information 
Distinguishable features:Stainless Steel housing 200kHz for River, Harbor or Estuary/Shallow Water Survey
More information:

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Supplier Information
  • Airmar

  • 35 Meadowbrook Drive
  • NH 03055 Milford
  • United States of America



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