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Product Name:WINGCOPTER 178
Product Description:
Year of initial development::2016
Year of last update:2017
Typical Applications:BVLOS-Mapping, Agriculture, Monitoring, Inspection
Max. payload [kg]:2
Max. stay in the air [min]:120
Max. speed [km/h]:130
Max. height above ground [m]:4000
ø / wingspan [cm]:178
Height [cm]:
Weight [kg]:5.6
Weight of battery [kg]:3.5
Weight of filled fuel tank [kg]:
Number of rotors:4
Transport on human back:N
Min. operation temperature [°C]:-20
Max. operation temperature [°C]:+40
Max. wind speed [m/sec]:15
Max. humidity [%]:
Operation Characteristics and Safety 
Min. ø of launch/landing site [m]:5
Training provided:Y
Launching method:VTOL | Vertical Take-Off and Landing
Automatic launch and landing:Y
Autonomous emergency landing :Y
Collision avoidance systems (CAS):Y
Navigation Sensors 
Type of GNSS receiver and captured signals:
Type of IMU:
Correction services [PPK, RTK]:PPK
Other sensors and additional information:Wingcopter products can be controlled fully autonomous, semi-autonomous and fully manual. The semi autonomous flight mode with GPS support and vertical and horizontal position hold functions allow a very easy control of your Wingcopter. A Sense & Avoid system detects obstacles in forward mode and follows avoid patterns for discrete number of scenarios.
Imaging/scanning devices 
Onboard imaging/scanning devices:RGB Camera, Lidar, Additional sensors, Gimbal, NIR Camera, SWIR Camera
Type of Camera:Sony Alpha 7 R II
Build-in Stablilsation:Y
Exchangeable :Y
Sensor tilting to allow oblique views:Y
Type of Lidar:Velodyne
Additional Sensors and additional information:The sensor setup is open for customization. The standard mapping package includes a Sony Alpha 7 R II with a ZEISS Batis 2.0/25mm lens. Main applications are BVLOS mapping in an altitude of 75m-500m. Advantages of Wingcopter products are their strong motorization in forward flight allowing high climbing-rates in hilly areas and its compact design that leads to a very small turning circle and the ability to map lines directly next to each other. Combined with the KLAU PPK device, Wingcopter products can be used for high accuracy mapping below 5 cm. RTK is not recommended for BVLOS flights. Standard multispectral cameras are MicaSense and Slantrange products. The only VTOL UAV LiDAR option below 10 kg is the Wingcopter 178 with a Velodyne Puck. For higher payloads we recommend the Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift. Custom payloads can be attached in the main body as well as the front part.
Base Station 
Ground computer included:Y
Type of Ground computer:Standard: Tablet, Custom: Computer
Sensor control:Y
Real time image and video download link:Y
Included software and automatically generated 
Type of software included:Flight planning
Automatically Generated Products:
Flight planning software:Airrails
Photogrammetric software:
Point could processing software:
Additional information on software or automatically generated products:
Transportation accessories:Wingcopter products come in a solid coplast transportation box with the dimensions of 1050 x 845 x 600mm. Thus it fits in every station wagon. The box comes with rollers and can be comfortably used by one person. The Wingcopter HL is assembled out of the box within 5 minutes, since the placement of the parts is in order to the assembly.
Included batteries and charger:4 x 16.000 mAh 6S batteries and 1x charger
More included products and spare parts:1 x Autopilot 1 x 868 MHz telemetry 1 x Remote Controller 1 x Tablet with Ground Control Software

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