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Simrad 12-16/60 Transducer

Product Name:Simrad 12-16/60 Transducer
Product Description:The Simrad 12-16/60 is a 12 kHz dual beam transducer with 19 tonpilz elements. It can be set up for dual or single beam use.
Year of introduction :2006
Application :Hydro Survey, Shallow, Very shallow, Deep survey
Weight in air [kg}:84
Width {m}:0.625
Length [m]:0.625
Height [m]:0.175
Min. external DC power [V]:
Max. external DC power [V]:
Min. external AC power [V]:
Max. external AC power [V]:
Housing materials:Polyurethane
Mode of operation 
Beam:Single beam
Min. frequency [kHz]:12
Max. frequency [kHz]:
Configuration:Stem mount, Flange mount, Hull mount, Tank mount, Pole mount, Over the side
Min. beam width [deg]:16
Max. beam width [deg]:60
Min. depth {m}:
Max. depth {m}:
Min. power output [W]:
Max. power output [W]:
Standard power output [W]:
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Distinguishable features:
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