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Aibot X6

Review by Nelson Mattie, Solution Engineer at Aerial Robotixs
Esta empresa Aibotix y sus socios son unos irresponsables, la comunidad de usuarios de drones debe saber que el drone que ofrecen el Aibot X6 no funciona y presenta muchos fallos de software y hardware debido a la mala calidad de sus componentes y problemas con el desarrollo y la integracion. Si alquien quiere mas informacion me pueden contactar, tengo mas de 8000 documentos incluidos videos, fotos, emails, etcetera sobre las fallas, problemas de diferentes tipos y los accidentes que han ocurrido con este drone en diferentes lugares y con diferentes usuarios en Centro America. No compren este Drone | This company Aibotix and its partners are irresponsible, the community of drones users should know that the drone offered by them Aibot X6 does not work and presents many software and hardware failures due to the poor quality of its components and problems with the development and the integration. If anyone wants more information can contact me, I have more than 8000 documents including videos, photos, emails, etcetera about failures, problems of different types and accidents that have occurred with this drone in different places and with different users in Central America. Do not buy this Drone
Like Reply   187 2017-09-18
Review by Cedric Pieterse, UAV pilot at Geosogma AB
There is nothing on the market that comes close to the Aibotix. It does what it is supposed to do, every time, all the time.
Like Reply   1035 2014-10-20
Review by EsCaBa, at
Easy solutions for complicated situations. Very easy to fly and an amazing end product. SMART BUY
Like Reply   1236 2014-09-29
Review by Matera, at
Aibotix X6 is the only platform I've seen that is solid and safe enough for professional use under critical conditions. Guidance is simple for non-pilots. This is the one to get if you need to do real work.
Like Reply   1117 2014-09-23
Review by Steve Swope, at
Their new V2 is looking very sharp with all the automation that it has going on. Not to mention that it can achieve survey grade precision!
Like Reply   1136 2014-04-14
Review by POIRIER, at
Le drone X6 de AIBOTIX est un drone parfaitement adapté pour un usage professionnel intensif. Sa protection intégrale en carbone est un élément de sécurité indispensable pour la protection du pilote, du drone et de son entourage. Cette protection intégrale permet également de réaliser des travaux d'inspection au plus près de la structure à inspecter. Facile à piloter, il peut embarquer toutes sortes de technologies de capteurs avec une charge utile jusqu'à 2 kg. En plus de sa nacelle inférieure, il peut être équipé d'une nacelle supérieure gyro stabilisée, c'est l'outil idéal pour l’inspection des ponts. [The X6 UAV drone AIBOTIX is perfectly suited for intensive professional use. His full protection Carbon is an element indispensable for the security protection of the driver, the UAV and its environment. The goggles also allows for inspection work closer to the structure to be inspected. Easy to fly, it can carry all kinds of sensor technologies with a payload up to 2 kg. In addition to the lower platform, it can be fitted with a gyro stabilized platform top is ideal for bridge inspection.]
Like Reply   1112 2014-01-10
Review by García, at
El costo es alto; sin embargo, es una plataforma muy bien lograda y completa. Parece ser que no hay otras opciones en el mercado (hasta donde he investigado) que reunan tantas aplicaciones y sea tan verátil como este hexacóptero. Pero de nuevo, creo que para América Latina al menos, donde el poder adquisitivo no alcanza los niveles de Europa o Estados Unidos de América es una inversión dificil de hacer. [The cost is high, however, is a very well made platform and complete. It appears that there are no other options on the market (as far as I have researched) that meet many applications and be as Veratil like this hexacóptero. But again, I think for Latin America at least, where the purchasing power does not reach the levels of Europe or the United States of America is a difficult investment to make.]
Like Reply   1074 2013-11-05
Review by Souza, at
Melhor hexacóptero Industrial.
Like Reply   1097 2013-11-05
Review by Muñoz, at
Es un producto muy inovador con una propuesta diferente - se nota que no es un juguete de hobby desde el primer vistazo. Es interesante ver que ninguna otra compañía haya desarrollado el housing que recubre las hélices como este - parece ser la diferencia entre un equipo de aficionados y algo verdaderamente profesional. Un VANT simplemente sesacional. Es mi criterio como amante de la tecnología y me gusta ver que existan empresas que estén haciendo estas cosas hoy en día. [It is a very innovative product with a different approach - it shows not a toy hobby at first glance. It is interesting that no other company has developed the housing that covers the blades like this - seems to be the difference between an amateur team and something truly professional. A UAV simply sesacional. It is my opinion as a lover of technology and I like to see that there are companies that are doing these things today.}
Like Reply   1140 2013-11-05
Review by Filbert, at
Subpar performance. I expected it to have more flight time with its payload.
Like Reply   1124 2013-11-05
Review by St.Fick, at
The perfect solution for not everyday pilots: Automatic start und landing plus Position hold make it very easy to fly. We use it for mapping und making 3D models with very high accurateness. Have a look on our page
Like Reply   1122 2013-10-23
Review by Michael, at
Engineering Office Dr. Michael Geomatics, Germany ( After using some other UAV platforms we found the actual best solution on the market for stable flying multicopters. With its possibilities for mounting different camera types and sensors, we are able to work on most of the fields of engineering office tasks. With its high wind stability we are able to offer services during more time of the year than ever before. - The support by Aibotix is really great. Easy contact and help in any way. Thank you for that.
Like Reply   1085 2013-10-22
Review by Johnson, at
This is an incredibly versatile UAS, the fact that you can have a platform for industrial inspection, mapping and other types of sensing such as LiDAR & thermal - to name a few - is pretty amazing. I think this is top-notch technology, as good as it gets in this category.
Like Reply   1126 2013-10-15
Review by Bleck, at
think its the best solution for brigde inspection. Haven´t seen something similar to the Aibot X6 till now
Like Reply   1134 2013-10-15
Review by Audirac, at
X6 propeler protection and payload capacity allows it to do unparallel inspection flights in proximity to power towers versus the other platforms we've tested. Take a look at some of the sample in our page
Like Reply   1136 2013-10-15
Review by Hilpmann, at
Really nice plattform for inspection and mapping tasks. I have flewn many copters, the Aibot X6 is the best flying mashine i could ever test. Robust and save, but also easy to fly with such fast controllers i could not even feel the ground effects that other copters have. The flight time with heavy payload should be a little longer, but its enough for the most tasks. 4 Stars!
Like Reply   1063 2013-10-14
Review by Jeff Lowe, at
The Aibot is nicely stable in high winds. We use it a lot when performing inspections offshore.
Like Reply   1068 2013-10-11
Review by Vanoppen, at
Have seen the Aibot at work in different projects - definitely a tool for people who're looking for a professional and trustworthy product! This is not a toy :)
Like Reply   1079 2013-10-11
Review by Schroeder, at
Very robust and safe flying platform. Using it for mapping a lot. H. Schroeder, Surveyer
Like Reply   1063 2013-10-07
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