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Aeryon SkyRanger

Review by Hugo Sumarriba, Emergent Technologies Analyst at TESAM PERU S.A.
Dear Friends, As recently news of flying up FL180 and more even it is the first RPAS flying BVLOS into its category type multirotary wing VTOL. Of course there are others like Delair-Tech DT26 type fixed wing which is able and has capability of flying BVLOS by using a satellite link from a GCS. Anyway, But what it is understood dealing with the Aeryon SkyRanger navigation beyond the visual line of sight more than its range in a form of flying autonomous or taken control of the UAS BVLOS by using satellite link... It is paving the way for use the same airspace by manned and unmanned aircrafts...It sound very good. Hugo Sumarriba
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