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Review by Rodrigo Reis, Marine Scientist at Partrac Ltd.
Having worked on an estuarine monitoring project for over two years I can say that the reliability of the 600kHz AWACs was a key factor for the success of the project. The user-friendly quality of the AWAC AST along with highly robust and accurate instruments made an enormous difference in terms of both quality of acquired data and the success rate of our MetOcean engineers
Like Reply   598 2015-09-07
Review by Juan Vicente Font, Director at Incostas
Own and use 400 kHz, 600 kHz and 1 MHz versions. Very flexible and reliable. Very good performance, especially for measuring waves form the bottom at up to 100 m water depth (400 kHz version). Low power consumption.
Like Reply   607 2015-09-01
Review by Huangpei Dong, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province at Guangdong Ocean university
Superior performance in all aspects of the instrument, it is suitable for my school teachers and students in education and research work
Like Reply   613 2015-08-27
Review by Tim Waldby, Manager, Measurement & Monitoring at Global Environmental Monitoring Systems
Consistent performer. Mainstay device for real time measurements of currents, waves and tides in coastal facilities in Western Australia. Data at these facilities are primarily used for integration into Dynamic Underkeel Clearance Systems which provides key benefits to the end user for vessel loading and schedule planning. Global Environmental Monitoring Systems provide the 1Mhz AWAC instrument real time systems for ports, harbours and other coastal facilities, and now systematically upgrading the existing systems with connectorless power and communications couplings manufactured by Storm Marine.
Like Reply   710 2015-07-19
Review by Tom Hill, Senior Surveyor at Titan Environmental Surveys
Excellent reliable instrument. Easy to configure and deploy, we have a large stock of 1 mHz and 600 kHz models that have lasted for many years on countless deployments. Would highly recommend for an in situ robust wave and current measurement instrument.
Like Reply   648 2015-07-17
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