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Aeryon Labs Inc

Aeryon Labs Inc

About Aeryon Labs Inc

Aeryon Labs is the premier manufacturer of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) which are at the center of major world events and international media stories. The company is the trusted partner of civil and military customers, resellers and other commercial business partners around the globe. Aeryon Labs is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Field-tested and mission-proven, Aeryon sUAS set the standard for immediate aerial intelligence gathering for a wide range of military, public safety and commercial applications.
Aeryon sUAS enable the immediate, safe, and reliable collection of high quality aerial imagery and data – faster, more accurately, and more cost-effectively than satellites, manned aircraft or ground-based measurements. As Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aerial vehicles, Aeryon sUAS can fly lower and slower than manned aircraft, and fly in confined areas where fixed-wing UAS cannot operate safely.
Aeryon sUAS are ideally suited for surveying, inspection and a variety of related applications, providing superior value when compared to single-purpose UAS. The high quality, geo-referenced aerial imagery from Aeryon sUAS integrates with GIS, CAD, and traditional photogrammetry software to provide survey-grade accuracy with up-to 1cm/px ground resolution. Live and recorded imagery is automatically geo-referenced for immediate data sharing, and post-processing. Repeatable flight plans enable easy and consistent data collection for change detection. 

The Aeryon team has a broad range of experience in fields including: computer and electrical engineering, video processing, digital video compression, telecommunications, mechanical and mechatronic system design and software development – as well as knowledge and expertise in robotics and image compression.


Aeryon Labs Inc

Aeryon Labs Inc
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Aeryon SkyRanger
Aeryon SkyRanger

Aeryon Labs Inc

Suitable for a wide range of mapping and surveying applications, the Aeryon SkyRanger provides; single operator transport and deployment; up to 50 minutes of flight