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“Founded in 1992 on the premise that precision water velocity measurement should be practical, affordable, and easy, SonTek today offers the widest variety of acoustic Doppler instrumentation on earth.


Simply put, our instruments use sound waves to tell you how fast water is moving, where it is moving, and even if it is not moving at all. Our customers are scientists, engineers, hydrologists, research associates, water resource planners and anyone that needs to collect velocity (speed) data in every kind of body of water imaginable.


Our products could be as easily found in a university laboratory as they could in the deep ocean, along the coast, or in a river, lake, or stream. From the depths of the Pacific Ocean, to the Amazon River, to the small creek in your backyard, there are SonTek instruments hard at work every day. Our employees bring a broad range of applications expertise with a strong focus on finding local solutions to the world’s most challenging water problems.


Our sophisticated and proprietary technology serves as the foundation for some of the industry’s most trusted data collection systems such as the patented, award-winning RiverSurveyor, the hand-held CastAway-CTD, the flexible SonTek-SL series and more recently, the SonTek HydroSurveyor bathymetric ADCP. SonTek is headquartered in San Diego, California, and is a brand of Xylem Inc.” 


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  • 9940 Summers Ridge Rd
  • 92121-3091 San Diego
  • California
  • United States of America

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