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Headquartered in Shanghai, CHC manufacturers competitive, affordable and reliable GPS and GNSS receivers and provides complete positioning solutions for surveying, construction, GIS and marine applications in more than 80 countries.


CHC Background

Founded in 2003, CHC focuses on providing affordable and reliable GNSS RTK products and solutions. An integrated R&D Centre was included in the early stages of the company, focusing on development of core GPS/GNSS technology.


As a result of that strategy and vision, CHC is today one of the fastest growing providers of GNSS solutions, developing a significant international presence and employing more than 800 professionals. CHC has been providing thousands of advanced GNSS receivers worldwide combining high performances and features – all of that at the extremely affordable price.



Committing to Quality

Quality issues are at the forefront of CHC’s philosophy. CHC received ISO 9001 certification from the International Standards Organisation applying to all aspects of CHC’s development and manufacturing work, from initial design through to delivery of final products to customers.


Global Reach

CHC GNSS receivers are widely used in all regions, from Americas to Europe, Middle-East Africa and Asia-Pacific. CHC’s international partner’s network brings dedicated and professional support to end-users regardless of where they are located in the world.


"Our major achievement is definitely the satisfaction we receive from thousands of customers which are using CHC GNSS receivers daily in more than 50 countries, as well as the rewarding and trustful relationships we have established with our distribution partners."George Zhao, CHC’s CEO. 


  • 599 Gaojing Road, Building C
  • 201702 Shanghai
  • China

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