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Founded in 1999, HI-TARGET (Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co., Ltd) is the first listed professional high-precision surveying and mapping instrument manufacturer and solution provider in China.

HI-TARGET covers full range of surveying instruments including GNSS receiver, CORS, TPS, 3D Laser scanner, GIS data collector, Aerial & Underwater equipment of which widely serves various surveying tasks.


Over the past 18 years, HI-TARGET has established 18 subsidiaries, 28 branches and more than 100 partners. There’re more than 2,000 employees and become a worldwide brand with reliable products in over 60 nations now.


As the leading brand in the surveying and mapping industry market, HI-TARGET invests heavily in the research and development, and cooperated with more than 100 universities for the technology research to promote the technical development.


HI-TARGET always keeps the corporate mission in mind: To create value for customers and wealth for shareholders, while remaining a conscientious contributor to humanity. 


At Hi-Target, we strive to deliver the most comprehensive survey solutions tailored to industries including geospatial, construction, engineering, agriculture and hydrographic and more. With a strong focus on technological innovation, Hi-Target has been at the forefront of research and development of GPS, optical, laser, CORS, marine products and application software that bring practical solutions to your surveying projects, making your field jobs more convinient and productive.


Working closely with authorized global and regional distributors, we make sure that your needs are fulfilled in the right place, at the right time.


Contact us today at or call us at +86-020-22883944, we are always here at your service.



  • Building 13, Tian'An Technology Zone HQ Center, - No.555,North of Panyu Road, Panyu District
  • 511400 Guangzhou
  • China

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