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VisionMap products are part of the ISR business unit within Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Electro-Optical Systems Directorate / Air & C4ISR Systems Division. The ISR business unit develops and manufactures state-of-the-art airborne imaging systems for commercial mapping, defense and homeland security (HLS) applications.

Utilizing a proprietary imaging technology, VisionMap cameras are able to capture vast areas quickly, in exceptionally high resolution and accurate absolute position, supporting large-scale missions, thanks to unique optics technology and powerful ground processing software (LightSpeed).

Flown on manned aircraft or UAVs , the systems collect color or thermal images day and night, and provide end-products such as Accurate Aero Triangulation (oblique and vertical imagery), Orthophoto, Dense DSM, Stereo models and more. All of which are done automatically. VisionMap proven systems, which were awarded the prestigious Israel Defense Award for their advanced technology, are flown by customers around the world.




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