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EdgeTech designs, manufactures, sells and supports industry-leading underwater technology solutions.  The company has been serving the marine industry for over 50 years with commercial off the shelf and customized underwater systems.  EdgeTech sonar systems include side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, bathymetry systems and combined and modular systems.  The solutions are available in a range of configurations for towed, deep towed, AUV, USV, ROV, ROTV and custom platforms.  The company’s underwater actuated and transponding solutions include highly advanced and reliable USBL acoustic tracking and positioning systems, transponder beacons, deep sea acoustic releases, shallow water and long life acoustic releases, underwater acoustic command and control systems and custom-engineered acoustic products.   



  • 4 Little Brook Road
  • 02576 West Wareham
  • MA
  • United States of America

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