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Teledyne Marine – A SEA OF SOLUTIONS


From the seafloor to the surface and undersea…


Teledyne Marine is a group of leading-edge undersea technology companies that have been assembled by Teledyne Technologies Incorporated. Through acquisitions and collaboration, over the past 10 years Teledyne Marine has evolved into an industry powerhouse, bringing the best of the best together under a single umbrella. Each Teledyne Marine company is a leader in its respective field, with a shared commitment to providing premium products backed by unparalleled service and support.

In keeping with Teledyne’s philosophy, the member companies within the Teledyne Marine Group remain committed to their technical heritage; however, they are now able to leverage and combine their talents and technology to provide their customers with a new level of collaborative technology, innovation, and worldwide support.


Leveraging Teledyne’s resources to meet your challenges


In addition to its vast breadth of innovative products and technology, Teledyne Marine also has direct access to highly focused and unique resources that are available to them through the expanded Teledyne family and its world-renowned research center.


  • 1026 North Williamson Blvd.
  • 32114 Daytona Beach
  • Florida
  • United States of America

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