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Underwater Inspection Made Easy. Deep Trekker is the only manufacturer of portable remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and crawler systems. 

Built on a proven and patented design; the battery operated submersible systems work around the world in industries such as aquaculture, commercial diving, police search and rescue, military, research, infrastrucutre inspection, and more. 

Product lines include:

DTG2 ROVs, diving to depths up to 150m, with 320 degrees field of view.

DTX2 ROV is depth rated to 305m, with vectored thrusters to withstand high currents.

DT340 Pipe Crawler is a wheeled or tracked system to inspect pipelines as far as 400m and is depth rated to 50m.


  • 830 Trillium Dr - Deep Trekker
  • N2R 1K4 Kitchener
  • ON
  • Canada

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