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Company Profile

ALSEAMAR is born from the merger of ACSA, ATOB and, BMTI, three subsidiaries of ALCEN group whose activities are focused on the markets of Defense & Safety, Oil & Gas offshore and Ocean science.


The new company offers to its customers a wide range of innovative products and services, including:


  • Unmanned Vehicles, with considerable autonomy able to collect many data
  • Swimmer Delivery Vehicles
  • Syntactic foams for deep-water depth buoyancy
  • Radio antenna systems, for submarines and ships
  • Acoustic positioning equipment
  • Inspection and diagnosis of obsolescence of offshore facilities
  • Modernization of naval systems
  • Maintenance and maintenance engineering subsea

These technologies and services are organized into three divisions:



ALSEAMAR vocation is to design and manufacture products or complex naval systems differentiating using technology developed in-house.

ALSEAMAR is leaning on 87 employees including 46 engineers, 28 senior technicians and 13 operators.

The head office is based in Paris and the company relies on three operating facilities located in Six Fours (Toulon - 83), Meyreuil (Aix-en-Provence - 13) and Pointe Noire (Congo Brazzaville).


  • 9 Europarc
  • 13590 Meyreuil
  • France

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