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imajing designs innovative imagery and geo-positioning technologies to enable simple, accurate and cost-effective roadways and railways infrastructures data collection for GIS applications.imajing is today well-known for providing a powerful and integrated mobile mapping tool chain merging field information with geographical data, for transportation infrastructures assets 3D mapping, monitoring and management.imajing® technologies are based on a revolutionary concept. Products are sized to easily collect, process and share field data within an organization. Easy-to-use and flexible to adapt any workflow, imajing® technologies can be adopted by all users.imajing® tool chain is composed of a mobile mapping technology (imajbox®), a photogrammetric GIS data production software (imajview) and a featured web service (imajnet®), providing an end-to-end solution for transportation infrastructures maintenance and monitoring.Applications are varied, among navigation maps, asset inventories for GIS, change detection, infrastructures condition assessment, and geographically based information delivery.imajing gives life to GIS.


  • 2 chemin des Carmes
  • 31670 Labège
  • France

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