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Company Profile

NorPix is a Montreal based software development company.  NorPix has been in existence since 1999 and develops the industry leading StreamPix software for digital video recording. StreamPix is used in many different industries including roadside feature inventory, roadway asset management, pipeline inspection, airborne capture and paved surface inspection.

StreamPix 6 supports a wide selection of GigE Vision, USB3, CoaXpress and Camera Link cameras.  StreamPix can capture from multiple synchronized cameras simultaneously along with computer time stamp, GPS coordinates, or IrigB and GPS timing.  DAQ data can also be captured from single or multiple sources at rates of single or multiple inputs per second.  


- 6 or more cameras for 360 degree spherical capture.
- HD resolution at 60 fps or higher.
- Georeference images from NMEA compatible GPS.
- Sync image acquisition with DMI output rate:  No motion, no image. Image capture rate is synchronized with vehicle speed.
- Adjust capture rate as a sub multiple of the DMI output rate.
- Image number, DMI mile post, user comments and GPS Lat. Long. archived to a .csv file.
- Multiple cameras supported, ranging in resolution from VGA to 4k x 4k high resolution.
- Uncompressed high quality video for post processing.
- Jamar, Nitestar DMI devices supported.


Unleash the power of StreamPix to build a comprehensive data collection system to manage roads or county assets.  Combine images, GPS georeference information, as well as DMI information with our mobile application system.  Additional modules are available for audio recording, CUDA JPEG compression, line scan cameras, PrePost triggering, motion detection and many more.  Playback synchronized video from multiple cameras.

Capture uncompressed or to AVI, MOV, H264 or JPEG compressed video.  Easy to use GUI, VCR type controls and much more.   



  • 1751 Richardson Street - Suite 6117
  • H3K 1G6 Montreal
  • Quebec
  • Canada

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