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SOMAG AG Jena develops, manufactures and sells Gyro Stabilization Mounts for data acquisition and surveillance sensors in the air, on the ground and offshore. Our devices are sold since 2004 and they set nowadays the pace for Stabilization Mounts. We operate primarily as an OEM partner for well-known camera, LiDAR, scanner and hyperspectral sensor manufacturers all over the world.


SOMAG Mounts compensate arbitrary vehicle movements and vibrations in all three axes which reduce blurred images, data gaps and overlaps. The devices ensure razor-sharp images for photogrammetric sensors and a homogeneous point distribution for LiDAR´s whereas they save time and money. Our product bandwidth ranges from small Mounts for unmanned systems to large devices for sensors up to 120 kg.


Customer specific developments and a competent and fast support are part of our philosophy and we make sure that our products fulfill the highest standards, being certified according ISO9001:2015 ensures that.



SOMAG AG Jena – Ahead with precision!


  • Am Zementwerk 8
  • 07745 Jena
  • Thuringia
  • Germany

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