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Company Profile

ATMOS UAV designs and manufactures high-end reliable aerial data gathering solutions for professional users. Our R&D team consists of expert engineers with a wide variety of technological backgrounds that share a common passion for aeronautics and working at the cutting edge of innovation. That’s why in 2012 ATMOS UAV was the first in the world to design and built an autonomous unmanned aircraft that successfully and effectively combined vertical take-off and landing and efficient horizontal flight. The passion to create something unique that outperforms the state of the art is deeply embedded in the company.


The company originates from a design-project at the Technical University of Delft for which a drone was developed. Inspired by practical knowledge gained through this project, encouraged by its success and with the support of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering and her employees, the project grew into the fast growing spin-off company ATMOS UAV.


  • Molengraaffsingel 12-14
  • 2629 JD Delft
  • Netherlands

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