Epson Europe Electronics GmbH

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Company Profile
We are a marketing, engineering and sales company and the European headquarter for electronic devices of Seiko Epson Corporation, Japan.


Epson is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange since June 24, 2003).


In 1989 Epson Europe Electronics GmbH was founded under its former name Epson Semiconductor. The company’s philosophy is not only to sell quality product but also to support its customers in all technical and logistical aspects in the best possible way through a European-wide net of distributors, and Epson Technology Partners.


While Epson Semiconductor sold semiconductors only, the re-organization and re-name into Epson Europe Electronics GmbH on 1. April 1996 was followed by a widening of the product range. Today’s portfolio includes semiconductor devices, quartz crystal devices and sensing systems.


Today Epson Europe Electronics GmbH has the sales and marketing responsibility for Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Currently the company employs 50 people in Europe.


  • Riesstrasse 15
  • 80992 Munich
  • Germany

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