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Marine Sonic Technology (MST)


Is a leading provider of ultra high-resolution side-scan sonar systems for any application. Our Sea Scan® product line is one of the most advanced in the world for underwater imaging.


MST systems are suitable for applications in various fields, such as oil and gas, scientific survey, oceanic construction, military and defense, law enforcement & evidence recovery, search and rescue, marine fisheries and any location where accurate high-resolution underwater images are required.


Based in Yorktown, Virginia, USA, Marine Sonic Technology has been in business since the early 1990s, and prides itself on having the best relationships with its customers of any side-scan sonar company.


Offering high-definition digital and Adaptive CHIRP models, our systems can be configured for standalone, towed and deep-tow systems, along with AUV and ROV applications.


We offer many transducer packages with frequencies starting at 150kHz and 300kHz, MST has the highest frequency transducer currently on the market at 1800kHz with resolutions up to .5 cm. Our systems are shipped with standard dual frequencies and typical setups are  600kHz / 1200kHz and 900kHz / 1800kHz.


Sea Scan® Survey is our Customizable data collection software package. It is the most intuitive and powerful software package available. With extremely powerful tools and ease of use, it handles almost any task without the need for extensive training. Sea Scan® Survey collects and saves raw data allowing for manipulation without destruction.



If your looking for a cutting edge Ultra High Resolution Side Scan Sonar System with Easy to Use Intuitive software & 24/7 costumer service  then contact Marine Sonic Technology today and lets get you Into the Deep!


  • 120 Newsome Dr. Suite H - PO Box 1309
  • 23692-1309 Yorktown
  • Virginia
  • United States of America

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